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Richard Tryon

Richard Tryon


Hi!  My name is Dick Tryon.  I've been a resident of Duluth for the past twenty-two years.  My wife, Susan, and I have raised our four children and enjoyed this special town through long cold winters and too short summers.  What adds to our enjoyment are the activities that are afforded here - to be a part of church, schools, civic organizations, athletic endeavors, and working with the talented people at Stone Gate Realty.

Real estate is a melding of my life's pleasures - interesting people and great properties.  Each one of these affords me a unique satisfaction - many interesting strangers, turned clients, have turned into friends; while many houses have been turned into homes and profitable investments.

My years in banking and mortgage lending have combined nicely with ten years of managing a wholesale business. My experience negotiating contracts, attention to detail, knowledge of the market and sincere desire to satisfy the buyer and seller, make my clients look forward to buying or selling their next property.


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